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09 December 2012 @ 02:23 am
JFC, lj is so user unfriendly these days. Please to finally post this time, because if I've spent all day on this challenge for nothing, I will cry.

So, OUAT icons - I wasn't gonna do this challenge initially, til I saw the crossover prompt and remembered my love for Azkadellia and wound up making several icons of her and Regina, lol.

Then I got into Aurora and her pretty face and the ridiculously shippable Aurora/Mulan (or 'Sleeping Warrior', d'aww), although there didn't end up being that many icons of them in the end. Oh, well, something to aspire to next time.

I then recalled this discussion about how gross it is that characters go around manhandling Regina, because as a woman, it's okay to push her around, when nobody treats Rumpelstiltskin in the same manner, despite them both being villains who've screwed tons of people over. The writers make me so very uncomfortable with the double-standards in how these two are written and treated by others. *sigh*

Finally, Swan Queen! Emma always seems the most heroic to me when she refuses to give up on Regina, despite her being the woman who ruined her life. Being able to do the right thing by her, even after all their history the woman tried to kill her and yet Emma still defends her, come on, is absolutely amazing and marvelous to me, and this is why I ship them so hard.


Click for the shineysCollapse )
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30 October 2012 @ 08:43 pm
Prompt: Regina/Kathryn - only friend

Prompt: Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Prompt: Regina/Snow White - maternal

Prompt: Because you loved me (um, so the prompt definitely inspired this fic, because I tried to think of some context in which this phrase could be uttered between Emma and Regina, but because I cannot write fluff, it turned into something really random and yeah, IDEK)

Characters: Regina, Emma
Word count: ~1,155

fic be hereCollapse )

Prompt: Female Character(s) - power comes in many forms.

Music: Intro by The XX
Characters: Regina, Emma, Snow, Red, Cinderella & Abigail.

If the vid doesn't work on youtube, it's also available to view here. (I have no clue how to embed from divshare, though, so finicky!)
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21 May 2012 @ 12:40 am

Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada
Subject: Andy/Miranda
Title: Your Name is Just a Hand I Can Never Hold
Notes: this mix was made out of equal parts fandom love and catharsis, I worked through some personal issues in the process of creating this fanmix, which is why it took so long because dealing with those ~feelings~ made this both rewarding and challenging.

mix & lyricsCollapse )

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09 May 2012 @ 11:41 pm
In my search for shows that do justice to female characters and their narratives and agency, I've had The Good Wife recced to me a few times. I started watching the show in Tasmania, since Ma's keen on it, so mother and I watched it with her- and we actually really enjoyed it! The plot was clever and engaging, lots of twists and turns, compelling characters...the one weakness? Alicia Florrick. The MAIN CHARACTER. *facepalm*


I swear I don't go into shows with the express intention of disliking the lead, but it happens so often! *sigh* I just cannot stand when shows coddle their protagonists, place them in a situation where they face a moral dilemma and then don't actually let them choose a side and deal with the consequences nor behave as a realistic human being would. spoilers for season 3Collapse )

tl;dr Alicia doesn't own her flaws and every time there's a hint she might be in the wrong or in trouble, the plot does elaborate contortions to have her come out smelling like a rose without doing anything to earn it.

Otoh, there are awesome ladies like Diane and Kalinda (and omg, her story arc with Lie to Me chick! I was in total shock- 'are these two women of color interacting in MULTIPLE SCENES and having a storyline that isn't about men? That is actually complicated and intriguing and full of twisty layers? They're allowed to be ambitious and devious and that's portrayed as a GOOD thing?!' BRILLIANT). Plus, I really like Carey and Will (although I wish he wasn't hung up on Alicia. That one ep with his sisters thinking he and Kalinda were a thing was so precious, hee).
Vidspam: zomg, Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan (of OUAT fame) and to make this relevant, Archie Panjabi!

Oh, but before I get to that, seeing them in this vid reminded me of something I read a while back, so it's not current news, but they're apparently doing a series together!

Dornan will star as a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast with Anderson as a high-achieving detective parachuted in from the Metropolitan police force to catch him

I didn't care for him on OUAT at all, tbh, found Graham pretty flat and boring, but ZOMG, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! SERIAL KILLER + FEMALE DETECTIVE = OTP SUREFIRE WAY TO MAKE ME WATCH. :D Imagine the hotness!

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Ugh, so disappointed I didn’t get to sign up for Round 2 at waywardmixes. I suspected that given the first round was dedicated to OTPs, the second round would be fave characters- and it’s more awesome than that, it’s HBIC. And I can’t participate! *pout* So unfair, I didn’t know that the post would be opened up today or that it would have a cut-off number of participants. >_< WHYYYY. *single tear*

Brattiness aside, I see someone else already claimed Queen Regina, so even if I could’ve entered, I would’ve been stumped, because she owns my soul rn and everything fannish I do revolves around her, lol. In honor of Regina, my beautiful queen:

ahkna: JESUS. It's like the costumers consider it a personal challenge to see just how much of Lana Parrilla's boobs they can show before it's no longer a children's show

homicidalslayer: A worthy goal if there ever was one

MTE. I have no objection to this at all!
Okay, I kinda lied before- while I do love Regina, my interest in OUAT has been waning for a while, and I’m in it for the fandom more than anything. Something I have just watched and am really excited about and immersing myself in fandom over is The Hunger Games! I’ve started making icons, even, because it is my new love. ♥___♥ And I’m excited to see people at waywardmixes are making mixes not only for Katniss- that was to be expected- but for Effie as well! Ngl, I adore her, haters to the left.

Short THG related thoughts:

I thought Effie was the cutest! ( ‘That. Is. MAHOGANY.’ Omg, the whole cinema cracked up) And I am shipping her and Haymitch something fierce. I REGRET NOTHING. Seeing her and him in that pic makes me have such ~feelings, I can’t even. I love the whole prissy uptight woman and slovenly devil-may-care dude, I wish they had more scenes together! When can more caps of the movie be out so I can reminisce fondly over the few scenes they have?!

ADORABLE GIRLS, OMG. I’m torn between wishing the movie had focused on them more- because they all are so interesting and deserved more development- or glad the movie didn’t do that because I was an emotional mess as it was and I couldn’t have borne it if I’d had more time to get to know them, y’know?

Even though I was getting vibes off Cato/Glimmer in the movie, this pic makes me d’aww over the idea of Glimmer/Foxface. Because everything’s better with lesbians, imo. :P

THIS GIRL IS 21. 21. HOW IS SHE GETTING UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH HIM? So jealous. I think this dude is super hot, okay, even his crazy eyebrows and bizarro facial hair were attractive to me.

And IDK, I just get irrationally jealous when girls younger than me get to have intimate photoshoots with way older dudes. (he’s 33) It’s like when I found out one of the girls from the 90210 reboot was dating the hot older brother from Prison Break- I mean, I KNOW these actors are way out of my league, I know that, I’m not delusional, but I wish they’d be paired with older women, ‘coz when I see them with girls my age or younger… *gnashes teeth* (for eg. Mia Wasikowska/Michael Fassbender hotness)

Um. I know THG is about Team Peeta vs Team Gale, but IDGAF about either of them, I was shamefully feeling Katniss/Cinna. I BLAME JLAW, SHE IS CLEARLY CRUSHING ON LENNY, OKAY, LOOK AT HER. Good taste, tho, seriously, who wouldn't be a bit giddy in her position? (check out this post for more THG cast pics)
Vidspam: quality is obv not top-notch, but this song is so appropriate. I'd use it on a fanmix if I were doing it on her, the lyrics fit really well! Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)- most epic song ever or what?

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