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18 May 2014 @ 01:51 pm
I am not sure how to feel about this show. On one hand, lesbians! Otoh, fake lesbians. Otooh, one fake and one potentially real lesbian?

IDK. I read that one of TPTB is gay and that this is basically wish-fulfillment, which I get, because hey, we don't need everything to be all gloom-and-doom when it comes to same-sex relationships. Tbh, I def wouldn't have watched the show if it was more realistic and depicted bullying and all the angst that can accompany being a gay teen because tv is my escape from depressing reality, not my place to wallow in it.

But I just - wish the writers hadn't chosen quite this manner of escapism? A high school where the outcasts are the popular crowd, ooookay, then, how does one even begin to relate to that. O.o Where being a lesbian couple makes you a shoo-in for Homecoming Queens, um, so why hasn't a legit gay couple had that experience before these outsiders stumbled their way into it?

I do love Amy, but everyone else is so unlikeable - wtf with Karma and the guy she's crushing on who's only interested in her because he wants to convert a lesbian, ughhhh. At the end of the first ep, there's a season preview of what's to come and it's just Karma using Amy, even though she's unhappy, and pressuring her in a threesome, FFS, and this guy being a toolbag who doesn't care that he's getting with a girl who's in a relationship (supposedly, but he doesn't know it's not real).

What to doooooo. Amy is precious and adorable, but IDK that I can keep up with this just for her. :/
Feeling: confusedconfused