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18 May 2014 @ 01:51 pm
Faking It  
I am not sure how to feel about this show. On one hand, lesbians! Otoh, fake lesbians. Otooh, one fake and one potentially real lesbian?

IDK. I read that one of TPTB is gay and that this is basically wish-fulfillment, which I get, because hey, we don't need everything to be all gloom-and-doom when it comes to same-sex relationships. Tbh, I def wouldn't have watched the show if it was more realistic and depicted bullying and all the angst that can accompany being a gay teen because tv is my escape from depressing reality, not my place to wallow in it.

But I just - wish the writers hadn't chosen quite this manner of escapism? A high school where the outcasts are the popular crowd, ooookay, then, how does one even begin to relate to that. O.o Where being a lesbian couple makes you a shoo-in for Homecoming Queens, um, so why hasn't a legit gay couple had that experience before these outsiders stumbled their way into it?

I do love Amy, but everyone else is so unlikeable - wtf with Karma and the guy she's crushing on who's only interested in her because he wants to convert a lesbian, ughhhh. At the end of the first ep, there's a season preview of what's to come and it's just Karma using Amy, even though she's unhappy, and pressuring her in a threesome, FFS, and this guy being a toolbag who doesn't care that he's getting with a girl who's in a relationship (supposedly, but he doesn't know it's not real).

What to doooooo. Amy is precious and adorable, but IDK that I can keep up with this just for her. :/
Feeling: confusedconfused
Mist: twistedmulanmistaria on May 18th, 2014 08:35 pm (UTC)
I've watched all the episodes so far and I am enjoying the show but I have been ending each episode by saying "poor Amy." They're trying to make the douchey guy Karma likes have more depth to his character but I don't know that they'll succeed. Also Amy is trying to figure out if she's actually gay now and Shane encouraged her to tell Karma what was up. Not sure if it'll be worth it in the end so you might want to wait to watch it once the season is over.

Also guess who decided to give up on Once Upon a Time after the season finale played like it was written by a twelve year old Captain Swan shipper who hates Regina? This girl! I actually made a third twitter account during this season so I could be more involved with the Swan Queen shippers and rant about all the problematic bullshit in the show so some of them will be watching season four and then I'll know if there are any good Lana scenes I should catch. :p JMo's interviews at the end of the season and the fact that they dumbed down Emma's character to make her be with Hook has basically ruined Emma for me. You are so lucky you got out when you did.
borg_princess: lizabeth-right or wrongborg_princess on May 19th, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
I've d/l all four eps so far, so I may as well get through those and see how I feel. If I'm still ambivalent, I might just wait til the season's done and see how it all played out. I have no idea how they're gonna give depth to the douchey dude (whose name I cannot be bothered to learn, lol) - there is just nothing there to like, imo!

The only thing keeping me interested is the previews showing Amy talking to Shane about how it's all a ruse - except she's not sure if it's a ruse for her, 'coz falling for your straight friend is a story I'm def interested in. It'd be interesting if they gave her a female love interest and how that affects the girls' relationship.

But yeah, I foresee wibbling 'poor Amy' a LOT.

Omg, you poor thing, I have no idea how you had the strength to endure OUAT for so long! I keep up with the reviews so I know what's going on, because I can't quit it altogether (I d/l one ep from the latest season 'coz I wanted to see Regina teaching Emma magic!!!), and there's just SO MUCH RAGE-WORTHY BS GOING ON, OMGGG. *snugglesquish* I feel for you having to experience that first-hand. It's def a lot easier to deal when you're keeping tabs on the show from afar and only tuning in for good Lana or SQ moments.

The Outlaw Queen thing is just ridic - nvm the relationship with the most organic build-up and epic storyline, let's just say 'this is your true love' and then they kiss and hook up! And then his wife comes back from the dead because Regina can't have nice things. And Emma being dumbed down due to male love interests is sadly a trend all the way from season 1 ever since August showed up. :/ You're better off without this show, bb.
Mist: IDICmistaria on May 22nd, 2014 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah I actually am enjoying it. Next episode is the episode where Karma tries to get Amy to have a threesome and the teaser clip is Karma in lingerie and Amy all hnnnngh and then Karma is like "we should practice" and Amy's like hnnnnngh "practice?" Basically at the end of every ep I say poor Amy but I really want to see where her plot is going. I also am probably one of the few who likes Karma. I don't really blame her for acting the way she does 'cause she's a teenager and I think if Amy told her what was up she'd be shocked and not know how to handle it but would get over it quickly and ultimately would support her and be like OMG I am so so sorry.

::snugglesquishes back:: I just kept hoping Once would go back to being the show I loved so much in the first season but it hasn't. Lana has been consistently good obviously but one of the writers teased a potential love triangle now between Robin/Regina/Marian and I'm like wow no fuck you so fucking hard and not in the fun way.

Also totally random but I was thinking about our long ago conversation about female mentors and I have decided what is so addicting about having those types in your life is the fact that someone sees good/potential in you and it's made even more powerful by the fact that it is not sexual.