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26 January 2014 @ 07:36 pm
why would you do that?!  
I've accepted that it will be precisely no time in the near future where we'll see a same-sex couple on 'regular' tv shows. When I say 'accepted', I mean that I will rage and angst and seethe deep within, occasionally spilling out into incoherent mangled rants, but it's mostly under control. Giving up on Once Upon A Time was the most healthy thing I could've done, since it kills me that the only reason Swan Queen isn't happening is because of lesbians on a family show, god no, think of the innocent children that would traumatize!

ANYWAY. What prompts this out-of-the-blue post is an episode of a cop drama that toyed with my emotions, raising my hopes and then brutally stomping them into itty bitty bits, cackling madly all the while.


Smarmy Suspect: Here's my attorney, she'll take over from here. See ya!
Lady Lawyer: Sooooo. Would you like to have dinner?
Lady Cop: Um, how about no. Why would I want to discuss this with you in my free time?
Lady Lawyer: Lol, this isn't about the case! I'm hitting on you. (bolded part is a legit quote!)
Lady Cop: I'm intrigued, but nope, can't do. Conflict of interest and all, you understand.
Lady Lawyer: Just gotta make a phone call, gimme a sec... *rings office* Hey, there, take me off this case, would you? Just reassign it, I've been told there's a conflict of interest. 'k, thanks. *hangs up* So, no more conflict, what's your answer now...?

Cue me all:

I DIDN'T NEED ANY MORE THAN THIS. I WAS TOTALLY PSYCHED TO HAVE THIS BONE THROWN MY WAY. I totally did not see the boss lady on this run-of-the-mill crime show having a random female love interest show up! It happens all the time with guest male characters, and I was so thrilled that the writers chose to make it a female instead, like it was no big deal. ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS.

But then. Lady cop shows up at male cop's place, all tipsy and giggly. She tells him about her awesome date, how she had a great time, they shared a bottle or two of wine and kissed. Still good! Wouldn't have minded actually getting some screen-time for this date, but hey, I'm just grateful for them choosing to go in this direction at all- oh, wait, no, WTF, WHY IS SHE MOVING IN CLOSER, WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHY IS SHE KISSING MALE COP, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WRITERS.

I can't even begin to describe the soul-crushing disappointment I felt. What was the point at all there, IDEK. These cops weren't even being set up as the endgame OTP, the writers are throwing hints of male cop + female civilian consultant, and he has a canon gf already, so this was absolutely unnecessary to the most ridiculous degree.

I wish I lived in a world where it was equally plausible someone could have a male or female love interest because love was love, who cares who it's between? But nope, this is a time where people get offended by seeing posts of same-sex couples kissing or worse, fanart of two females kissing because IT'S A KIDS SHOW, HDU SULLY SUCH INNOCENCE, WHY WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE KIDS?

Feeling: aggravatedaggravated
weird_fin: wh13: myka peteweird_fin on January 26th, 2014 02:24 pm (UTC)
haha, dare i ask what show it was?

I don't think its such a *thing*, its more common now same sex couples. Though it still is a bit lacking on the dramas. But things like Modern Family and The New Normal while comedy aren't exactly hidden shows. And Revenge and some other dramas I'm forgetting have semi-open bi/same sex orientated characters.

Cop shows though, they're kinda stuck in their formula's... though some have been kind of okay with some of the queer characters that drop by.
borg_princess: lizabeth-right or wrongborg_princess on January 26th, 2014 04:24 pm (UTC)
'twas Cracked, which is slightly terrible but good for distraction. It has a cop paired with a shrink to handle cases involving the mentally ill.

Okay, so point taken, tv's doing better with acknowledging gay/bi characters, but even with Modern Family, it took how long for Cam and Mitchell to kiss onscreen? Like, they had a gay couple in the main cast, but it was still going too far to show them being romantic in the same way as the het couples until there was outcry from fans.

Nolan! ♥ I've given up on Revenge and I do not regret it at all, even though I miss him. But he never gets appreciated or to be happy, so I'm better off leaving it behind, lol. Poor Nolan, he never had a relationship without being betrayed or it being about REVENGE.

Have you seen Brooklyn Nine Nine? That's a comedy I'm watching rn with a gay character, although we never see his partner - it's interesting comedies have more leeway. I guess because dramas figure if they have a gay character, it has to be all about their ~journey and ~angst and ~struggle, instead of just having a well-rounded, believable character who happens to be gay, there doesn't have to be a PSA or Very Special Episode or anything! Whereas comedies can just sorta plunk them in there without feeling obligated to establish backstory or justify their presence by making a huge deal out of it.

Cop shows though, they're kinda stuck in their formula's

I don't think it would involve too much tweaking with the formula, like, I don't need the show to become a rom-com, just that it's so easy for them to work in het relationships without giving any other relationships a look-in. For eg. Castle would never go there with Ryan/Esposito, but hell yes with Castle/Beckett!

The thing that bothers me and which I wish was different is that it's entirely natural for shows to be built on the chemistry between its m/f leads and for there to be eventual payoff, but not between m/m or f/f leads. A ton of queerbaiting, yes, but there's never an intention of consummating a gay relationship.

I'll get off my soapbox now, lol, don't wanna be insufferable about this, but just. ALL THE FEELS. I know tv's getting a bit more progressive, but it's just chafing at me how slow it all is.
karmic synergy ♥cheapxdate on January 26th, 2014 05:55 pm (UTC)
Have you watched Chicago Fire? Besides being AWESOME, one of the main girls is a lesbian and it's handled really well imo. She goes through the same kind of stuff the heterosexual couples do and it's never treated ~special. It feels natural and well-integrated and I wish more shows would take tips.
borg_princess: scully-intriguedborg_princess on February 3rd, 2014 09:29 am (UTC)
I haven't seen this show, no! Thanks for the rec, I appreciate hearing there's a lesbian in the main cast and that her storyline is done well. I hear you on 'natural and well-integrated', that's what I want so badly. Not the 'token gay character' that is used for PSAs on tolerance and acceptance and moralizing, but just...like the writing straight characters receive!
Fairy: Tony/Maxxiescarletladyy on January 27th, 2014 01:47 am (UTC)
Not quite sure what you mean by regular tv programmes, but don't you have same-sex couples on soaps? I watch 3 out of the 5 British soaps, and all them have gay characters and regular sex-same relationships. It would be weird for them not to! There's also same-same couples in Bad Girls (lots actually, aired in the early 2000s), Shameless (UK), Little Britain (which is where the famous line "The only gay in the village!" comes from xD), Skins (UK), Waterloo Road, Sugar Rush, Hex, Wentworth, Lip Service... and they're only off the top of my head, though they're all British... And Doctor Who/Torchwood has always had gay characters (Captain Jack!).

If you've not seen any of those dramas (except for Little Britain, which is a comedy sketch show), I definitely recommend them :)
borg_princess: callisto-shinyborg_princess on February 3rd, 2014 09:37 am (UTC)
Oh, wow, those stats are incredible! But yeah, I don't watch British tv or soaps, so that explains my lack of exposure to all these same-sex couples! My use of 'regular' was just a lazy way to refer to what I consider the norm, from what I watch, which would be procedurals, like crime shows or action type stuff? They play it very safe, unforch.

Thanks for the recs! Broadening my horizons here. <3
Mist: IDICmistaria on January 27th, 2014 02:07 am (UTC)
Have you heard of/seen The Fosters? It's about a lesbian couple and their foster kids. The thing that drives me nuts is it's on ABC Family and yet Swan Queen isn't allowed to happen on Once (ABC)?! I'm still watching Once for Regina but it is a very masochistic relationship given Emma and Regina's beards being thrown at us constantly... And... Everything else happening in the show that doesn't involve Regina.
borg_princess: scully-oh f-ckborg_princess on February 3rd, 2014 09:35 am (UTC)
I've heard of The Fosters, but haven't actually had a look. I do like the concept, and if you're reccing it, I shall give it a go!

UGH, right? How random is it that one show can be entirely focused on a lesbian couple, but it's absolutely out of the question for OUAT? They wouldn't even commit to one-sided unrequited Sleeping Warrior, even with Aurora unquestionably in a relationship with another man! And it can't be about the morality of it all, since I'm sure Pretty Little Liars is also an ABC show, and that glorifies a teacher/student relationship, so....

You poor thing. *squish* I'm glad I was able to kick the habit, because it'd be hurting me so much worse if I were still watching, I can't imagine how you're coping! Like, I could deal with SQ not being canon, but when they throw in a love triangle for Emma and TWU WUV for Regina and expect us to believe in those relationships despite the rich, naturally developed and heartwarming bond between these ladies...pffft, yeah, no.
Hoshihoshinekoyasha on January 29th, 2014 09:49 am (UTC)
we need to start a help group for recovering SQ addicts.

borg_princess: scully-feel your painborg_princess on February 3rd, 2014 09:30 am (UTC)
Haha, agreed. I need the support so bad!
Hoshihoshinekoyasha on February 3rd, 2014 07:50 pm (UTC)

Essp when people keep posting their stuff on my dash and I reblog because its so awesome