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This is a sticky post! If anyone wants to spam me for whatever reason, feel free. Thoughts, recs, questions, etc. all are welcome here.

I'm going to be spamming myself heaps, lol. I keep having people rec me things and then I lose track of their comments, so I'm going to post them as a reminder to myself here to make sure they don't slip through the cracks. *nodnod* But yeah, anyone who wants to ramble away about anything, go ahead. ^_^ 



Feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
18 May 2014 @ 01:51 pm
I am not sure how to feel about this show. On one hand, lesbians! Otoh, fake lesbians. Otooh, one fake and one potentially real lesbian?

IDK. I read that one of TPTB is gay and that this is basically wish-fulfillment, which I get, because hey, we don't need everything to be all gloom-and-doom when it comes to same-sex relationships. Tbh, I def wouldn't have watched the show if it was more realistic and depicted bullying and all the angst that can accompany being a gay teen because tv is my escape from depressing reality, not my place to wallow in it.

But I just - wish the writers hadn't chosen quite this manner of escapism? A high school where the outcasts are the popular crowd, ooookay, then, how does one even begin to relate to that. O.o Where being a lesbian couple makes you a shoo-in for Homecoming Queens, um, so why hasn't a legit gay couple had that experience before these outsiders stumbled their way into it?

I do love Amy, but everyone else is so unlikeable - wtf with Karma and the guy she's crushing on who's only interested in her because he wants to convert a lesbian, ughhhh. At the end of the first ep, there's a season preview of what's to come and it's just Karma using Amy, even though she's unhappy, and pressuring her in a threesome, FFS, and this guy being a toolbag who doesn't care that he's getting with a girl who's in a relationship (supposedly, but he doesn't know it's not real).

What to doooooo. Amy is precious and adorable, but IDK that I can keep up with this just for her. :/
Feeling: confusedconfused
26 January 2014 @ 07:36 pm
I've accepted that it will be precisely no time in the near future where we'll see a same-sex couple on 'regular' tv shows. When I say 'accepted', I mean that I will rage and angst and seethe deep within, occasionally spilling out into incoherent mangled rants, but it's mostly under control. Giving up on Once Upon A Time was the most healthy thing I could've done, since it kills me that the only reason Swan Queen isn't happening is because of lesbians on a family show, god no, think of the innocent children that would traumatize!

ANYWAY. What prompts this out-of-the-blue post is an episode of a cop drama that toyed with my emotions, raising my hopes and then brutally stomping them into itty bitty bits, cackling madly all the while.


Smarmy Suspect: Here's my attorney, she'll take over from here. See ya!
Lady Lawyer: Sooooo. Would you like to have dinner?
Lady Cop: Um, how about no. Why would I want to discuss this with you in my free time?
Lady Lawyer: Lol, this isn't about the case! I'm hitting on you. (bolded part is a legit quote!)
Lady Cop: I'm intrigued, but nope, can't do. Conflict of interest and all, you understand.
Lady Lawyer: Just gotta make a phone call, gimme a sec... *rings office* Hey, there, take me off this case, would you? Just reassign it, I've been told there's a conflict of interest. 'k, thanks. *hangs up* So, no more conflict, what's your answer now...?

Cue me all:

I DIDN'T NEED ANY MORE THAN THIS. I WAS TOTALLY PSYCHED TO HAVE THIS BONE THROWN MY WAY. I totally did not see the boss lady on this run-of-the-mill crime show having a random female love interest show up! It happens all the time with guest male characters, and I was so thrilled that the writers chose to make it a female instead, like it was no big deal. ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS.

But then. Lady cop shows up at male cop's place, all tipsy and giggly. She tells him about her awesome date, how she had a great time, they shared a bottle or two of wine and kissed. Still good! Wouldn't have minded actually getting some screen-time for this date, but hey, I'm just grateful for them choosing to go in this direction at all- oh, wait, no, WTF, WHY IS SHE MOVING IN CLOSER, WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHY IS SHE KISSING MALE COP, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WRITERS.

I can't even begin to describe the soul-crushing disappointment I felt. What was the point at all there, IDEK. These cops weren't even being set up as the endgame OTP, the writers are throwing hints of male cop + female civilian consultant, and he has a canon gf already, so this was absolutely unnecessary to the most ridiculous degree.

I wish I lived in a world where it was equally plausible someone could have a male or female love interest because love was love, who cares who it's between? But nope, this is a time where people get offended by seeing posts of same-sex couples kissing or worse, fanart of two females kissing because IT'S A KIDS SHOW, HDU SULLY SUCH INNOCENCE, WHY WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE KIDS?

Feeling: aggravatedaggravated
27 October 2013 @ 10:17 pm
OMG, JMo is flawless. I saw a link to an article in which she addressed the topic of Swan Queen and despite my heavy heart, I could not prevent myself from clicking on it, even though I expected the worst – after insensitive comments from Ginnifer Goodwin and other actors on the show, I had every reason to believe it would be more negativity. AND YET.

“We’re doing a show about fairy tales, which is about self discovery, it’s about identity. And if you guys are watching the show and seeing yourself in it, then great, that’s awesome. It warms my heart and it makes me so happy.”

♥__________♥ HOW IS SHE SUCH UTTER PERFECTION? This is deserving of serious adoration and praise, imo.

On a related-but-less-positive note, I’m a little annoyed that the show is getting accolades from fans for semi-hinting at the possibility of perhaps featuring a bisexual character. Sorry to be a buzzkill and I’m not trying to police people’s reactions or insinuate everyone should share my opinion, but speaking solely for myself here, no, unless they bloody well make it canon like they have for every other het couple, they don’t get brownie points for beating around the bush and not coming out, so to speak, by making it clear exactly who Mulan is in love with!

contentious OUAT opinions ahoy!Collapse )

But JMo dealing with the notion of people shipping her character with Lana’s in such a gracious and understanding way? When so many other actors have been complete douchebags about it? (Seriously, google Ginnygate, I can’t even) I COULD LEGIT CRY FROM HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW.

...and then I saw this on fandomsecrets...

...and read the accompanying comments and my mood promptly plummeted. >_< Ah well, nature abhors a vacuum, can't lift me up without bringing me down again soon thereafter, typical.

ANYWAY. Speaking of True Love…I adore this song for Swan Queen, lmao.

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30 September 2013 @ 07:57 pm
...why people are labelling fic under the 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' category when it's barely relevant? There's fics from 2012, FFS! 

I'll go easy on some fics from a few months ago that use the canon characters' names, even if obviously given that the pilot has only just aired, there's very little chance the characterization is going to be in the same ball-park as canon, but at least they tried to tie it into the actual show and justify these fics popping up there.

HOWEVER. I'm seeing 149 fics for SHIELD and barely a fraction even correspond with the actual show. Seems like most of them are Clint/Coulson fics, which, like, why not just leave 'em under 'Avengers'? I've never had such a hard time finding fics for main characters from a tv show because other characters that haven't even been on it are dominating the fandom! I searched just for Skye - who is totes adorbs and my new fave - and still I see nothing but Clint/Coulson everywhere!

(to clarify, I don't hate this pairing, I'm just a little tired of it popping up everywhere as a near-default. The same reason it seems a lot of people get fed up with Derek/Stiles, lol, and yet I ship this crack non-canon pairing so hard, despite not watching the show...yeah, I don't get my brain sometimes)

To end on a lighter note, have some pretty:

(from here)

I ♥ Maria Hill like you would not believe. The woman needs more love from fandom, it makes me sad how little attention writers give her - and it's so hard to find fics tagged with her that are actually about her, aggggh. #firstworldproblems