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09 June 2009 @ 10:09 am
'Reality check- I’m your supervising agent, I’m not your decoy...'  
Guys! God, that three day weekend was torture, I hate being away from LJ, it's my home, damn it, and I missed you all so much. *glomps everyone*

Btw? If you're feeling ignored lately, it's not you, it's me. I'm smack bang in the middle of exam period hell, plus we're getting ready to move out of rental limbo into the first home we've owned in my nearly-21 years of life. Hectic would be an understatement. But be prepared to be spammed with my love once it's settled down, 'k?


So, I only caught like, ten minutes of Sanctuary, but OMG! *spazzes out* Amanda! Brunette! British accent! GUH! I am totally excited.

* Will kinda reminds me of Daniel Jackson. The whole 'discredited genius that nobody takes seriously' thing? Yeah? Also, the way he brushed off Helen Magnus, was reminiscent of Daniel with Catherine Langford, and actually, with his other self in Continuum. Kind of an ass, impatient, abrupt...I really want to smack characters over the head when they do this. I'd be totally like, 'Hell yeah, bring on the wackiness, make my life more exciting, woo-hoo!' And he's just bailing on her, going back to his boring job, his boring existence... I would never play hard-to-get the way these characters always do, gargh.

* Don't hate me for this, but Ashley? Made me think of Buffy. Now, before anyone blows up at me for not looking past the blonde ass-kicking machine similarities, I've only seen her vroom-ing around on her motorcycle, I haven't even heard her speak yet. It's just I know she's supposed to  be witty and fierce and a really tough capable chick. Also she's blond. And I just read this really cool fic, Going Home Through a Starry Mirror, in which Buffy ends up in Stargate!verse as a nine year old amnesiac who's adopted by Carter, so I'm working on the whole 'daughter of a character played by Amanda Tapping' theme. I was pretty dubious about the concept of that fic, but it's really engrossing and I'd recommend it, 'tis a good read.

*Also? KAVAN SMITH! Why did nobody tell me he was in this? I have such a huge crush on this guy, my heart still goes all fluttery when I remember meeting him! *bounces*

Isn't he just utterly gorgeous?! *flails* He was so utterly sweet and charming and I honestly thought I might combust on the spot because I could barely contain all my happy and glee. *wriggles*


Much love and eternal gratitude to muzzy_olorea for directing me to the pretties. *squishes* I googled in vain, and would’ve never come across this shrine to Robin Tunney and Simon Baker without assistance, so *mwah* ^_^

After endless squee, I collected a few of my favorites for a mini Robin!picspam. [luxuria_oceanus, my fellow gawker of beautiful women, you should appreciate this on that advanced, sophisticated mental level we operate on...*g*] It's...probably not work-friendly. I don't know, it's fairly tame but I probably would make sure your boss isn't lurking behind you anywhere.


Um…so it took me a moment to realize she was probably pointing at the trophy. *coughs* My gaze followed her finger to a totally different destination… :P



I’m so used to seeing her as the sensible, practical Lisbon that my eyes about dropped out of my head to see the sexy, sultry side of her. *fans self* My brain's pretty much mush right now. Don't expect anything intelligent out of me for a while. [Do you ever?]



OMG! I never realized this before but- are Lisbon and Jane actually HOLDING HANDS when they make a break for the car as it’s raining?!


I’ve always loved this scene because of its levity and whimsy and how hopeful it is. And shippy.

So, Jane’s just pretty much reinforced that he’s still determined to hunt down and kill Red John- vengeance! retribution! screw the law! damn her bourgeois conventional nature, he’s out for blood, rarrr!- but a second later...

Jane: Shall we?

...they’re skipping down the stairs, all smiles and giddy like little kids in the rain.

But are they holding hands? Damn you, blurry cap! I’m not convinced. PLEASE CONVINCE ME.


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CL: [Mentalist] Lisbon Smilemuzzy_olorea on June 16th, 2009 04:56 pm (UTC)

*squishes you back*

You have no idea how happy I was to have this post waiting for me on my return from holiday!

I love Robin Tunney. She's the reason for me deciding to check out The Mentalist in the first place.

I think they definitely are holding hands. When I watched the scene I thought they were and flailed and I've seen other people say they are too. Whilst I love the fact they are I feel it's a little bit out of canon? I don't know, it's quite a personal thing holding someone's hand even for a moment of fun like that? Maybe I'm just over-analysing. :)
borg_princess: jelloborg_princess on June 16th, 2009 11:17 pm (UTC)
Whee, you have returned! *tacklehugs*

RT is just- GUH. She makes me lose my words. I could gaze at her for an eternity and still not fully comprehend and appreciate her beauty.

Y'know, the only show I knew her from was Prison Break and- *clutches head*- I didn't like her character! I feel so ashamed of myself. So, if anything, it was despite her that I watched Mentalist and I am so glad I did.

You're the first person to actually go there. I kinda agree- I'm on board with handholding because OMGSQUEE! A ship that can touch without alien influence or possession or anything!

But it's a little out of character. Jane would do that because we've seen him grab her hand before [to check the time, once, I think? And when he was issuing orders over her walkie-talkie in Miss Red] but for Lisbon to be all giddy and bouncy and not jerk back...I love it, I totally love it, but it is uncharacteristic!

I do enjoy the sight of impulsive!Lisbon, though, we so rarely see her. It's like she forgot who she is, who he is, all the darkness and the angst and trouble, and just- reacted, went with the moment. 'tis lovely. ^_^